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When you first register as a new user you will be asked to type in your e-mail address and create a password and user id. You should make a careful note of these details as you may need to sign in again but keep them secret to prevent other people from viewing your application.

If you live outside of the Brighton and Hove Local Authority area and you are applying for your child to start school for the first time or move up to Junior or Secondary school in September, your application should be made via your own Local Authority. Please contact them for further information.

If you are not applying to start school for the first time or to move up to Secondary or Junior School, please submit your application to the correct year group by making an 'In-Year' application.

The Secondary Catchment areas and Secondary sibling link rules have changed recently, for details please click here.

Please be advised that applications for the following round(s) are now open.
In-Year Secondary
Junior Schools
In-Year Infant, Primary & Junior
Secondary Schools
Infant & Primary Schools
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Please note: Applicant details are deleted at the end of each accademic year. You will need to register again if your previous application was before the 1st September.
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